The International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology (ICEEP) is held once every four years to facilitate global understanding of advances in scientific knowledge of the physiology, function and health of athletic horses. ICEEP has been in existence for four decades and brings together the world’s best researchers and experts in equine exercise physiology and sports medicine.  Sites in which previous ICEEP conferences have been held are listed below:

1982 Oxford, UK
1986 San Diego, USA
1990 Uppsala, Sweden
1994 Kooralbyn, Australia
1998 Utsonomiya, Japan
2002 Lexington, USA
2006 Fontainebleau, France
2010 Stellenbosch, South Africa
2014 Chester, UK
2018 Lorne, Australia

The 2022 ICEEP will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, June 26-July 1, 2022.

ICEEP typically attracts a minimum of 150 international delegates to each quadrennial meeting. The International Committee of ICEEP is responsible for selecting the site of each quadrennial conference and for overseeing the organisation of these international conferences by assisting the National Organising Committee, which is comprised of members from the host country. The Chair of the National Organising Committee is typically a member of the International Committee. The International Committee is responsible for determining the conference’s scientific programme. The National Organising Committee and the International Committee work together to finalise the site, accommodations, budget, and sponsorship of the upcoming ICEEP. The National Organising Committee is responsible for organising the social programme and promoting the upcoming ICEEP. 

Groups (professional or academic) considering submitting a bid are encouraged to communicate with the Chair of the International Committee before preparing their bid. The Chair can assist by providing estimates of costs of previous ICEEP meetings and other background information. Bids from groups or associations wishing to hold an ICEEP should be submitted as a PDF document to the Chair of the International Committee by the assigned date ahead of the ICEEP that precedes the conference on which the group or association is bidding. Therefore, in the current cycle, groups that would like to host ICEEP 12 in 2026 should submit their bid by May 1st, 2022.       

Bids should include as much information as possible about the proposed site for the conference, including meeting amenities and accommodations; social programmes; ease of local and international travel to and from the venue; anticipated costs and a draft budget; the likely size of the national audience; the potential market for a lay satellite conference to help generate revenue to support the conduct of ICEEP; possible dates (ICEEP has traditionally been held between August and the end of November); and the potential for nationally-based financial support. Examples of previous successful bids can be provided to interested parties by request.

Bids will be considered by the International Committee of ICEEP and a decision for the location of ICEEP 12 will be rendered during the ICEEP 11 meeting in Sweden.

Groups or associations submitting bids must be aware of the following criteria associated with the organisation of an ICEEP:

Bids should be submitted as a PDF document to the Chair of the International Committee, Dr. Erica McKenzie, at the following email address: by May 1st, 2022. Please contact Dr. McKenzie with any questions about the process or preparation of bids.                                                                          

The International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology (ICEEP) was established in 1982.
The current International Committee members are: Erica McKenzie, Chair 2018-2022 (USA), Anna Jansson, Chair, 2022 National Organising Committee (Sweden), Jon Foreman (USA), Sam Franklin, (Australia), Renaud Leguillette (Canada), Ken McKeever (USA), Toshiyuki Takahashi (Japan), Emmanuelle Van Erck (Belgium), and René van Weeren, (Netherlands).