Social Information

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Social activities
There will be a welcome reception Sunday night, June 26th.  We are planning for friendly and festive social activities during the conference. Every day there will be an Uppsala guide on the bus between the hotel and the university campus telling us about the long and interesting story of Uppsala. The story includes almost everything from Vikings, kings, international celebrities to great scientists. In connection with the Welcome reception there will be a light meal and a possibility to get a guided tour at the top modern animal hospital of the university.

It is midsummer at the time of the conference and this is a very important feast in Sweden. One evening, the local committee will invite you to participate in a traditional midsummer celebration, with traditional Swedish food and activities! One afternoon there will also be a Lameness Tools Workshop and later in the evening a pub in Uppsala. The conference gala dinner will be at Uppsala Castle, a 16th-century royal castle in the historic city of Uppsala.

Stockholm day
The local committee is planning for a fantastic day in Stockholm! We will leave with bus from the hotel in Uppsala to Stockholm in the morning (takes 50-60 min) and come back to the hotel in the evening. In Stockholm, we will offer a variety of things to do. What about an early morning horseback ride in the streets of Stockholm or in the city’s national park of Djurgården and then go to one of Stockholm’s many museums? The Abba museum or the Avicii Experience are examples, or maybe the Viking or the Vasa museum? Vasa is an impressive wooden ship that sank during her maiden voyage in 1628 and was then raised 333 years later. Today Vasa is the world's best preserved 17th century ship. The Vasa museum is the most visited Scandinavian museum and also the world’s most visited marine museum. You may also want to see the Royal Armoury, the Royal Castle or Skansen? Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum, showcasing the whole of Sweden with houses, farmsteads and animals from every part of the country. Or maybe you want to spend the day in the beautiful archipelago outside Stockholm?

In the evening we will all come together for dinner at Skansen, irrespective of which alternatives you have chosen.  From Skansen the busses will take you back to Uppsala. Read more and book your preferred alternatives at the registration page.

Pre and post conference vacation?
If you want to explore more of Sweden there will be great possibilities to do so. The Stockholm-Uppsala-Sigtuna area has a lot to offer; history, culture, design and nature. You can also go to the north and watch the midnight sun, or celebrate midsummer in the country of Dalarna and visit the homes of some of Swedens’ most appreciated artists (Anders Zoorn and Carl and Karin Larsson). Sweden also offers several beautiful archipelagos and the most famous ones are the Stockholm archipelago and the west Sweden/Gothenburg archipelago. The island of Gotland is also worth a visit, as well as the south of Sweden (Skåne f.ex.). You can also pay a visit to the National Equestrian Centers of Sweden, Flyinge, Strömsholm and Wången. Hiking in the mountain areas are also recommended. For more inspiration please visit: Holidays in Sweden | Visit Sweden