Past proceedings

Proceedings from ICEEP symposiums serve as definitive reference tools for equine exercice physiology researchers worldwide. Each paper in the proceedings undergoes careful screening and editorial review prior to publication to ensure scientific accuracy and relevance.

ICEEP 1 and 2 are available via the links to the left. Please use the index link to determine the article and pages you are interested in, then use the proceedings file to find your article – the adobe listed page numbers correspond exactly with the proceedings page numbers allowing an easy search for specific pages.

ICEEP 3 proceedings is no longer in print but they are availble in pdf format. Just click on the link on the left to view. ICEEP 4 is currently out of print.

ICEEP 5, 6 and 7 are available from the Equine Veterinary Journal Bookshop . To order these proceedings click on the links or the images below. Proceedings of ICEEP 6 are available in printed and CD format.

iceep 1 iceep 2 iceep 3 iceep 4 iceep 5 iceep 6 iceep 7

ICEEP 8, 9 and 10 are available via the links on the left.